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  • effected by genetic factors, parents, temperament, social conditioning and enneagram number 
  • causes powerlessness to control or resist abusive behavior to oneself or others
  • gives temporary relief or forgetfulness of one’s problem 
  • can be caused by alcohol, emotional addiction, sexual misbehavior, overeating, gambling, etc. 

  • DT& A: 5-207
  • IL: 19-25, 67-70
  • AW: 41-44
  • IG: 73-76 

Addiction is the compulsive process of the human condition that seeks to relieve emotional pain caused by the lack of gratification of the instinctual needs for happiness. These needs for security, power and affection are rooted in desires that are absolutely impossible to achieve and leads to frequent, if not habitual, frustration. As the pain of frustration increases, it becomes necessary for the psyche to repress traumatic experiences into the unconscious, where their negative energy remains and is warehoused in the body.

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A spiritual awakening, which can be brought about through a twelve-step program or a practice of meditation (Centering Prayer), can lead to freedom from the compulsions of the addictive process. The movement of freedom is to let go not only of the harmful substance or behavior but of urges, habits, and compulsions we feel powerless to control. We realize that we cannot depend on our own efforts to improve our behavior but need to establish a deep relationship with God who alone can free us.  

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