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  • takes away all past sins and bestows divine life through Grace
  • invites us to experience the risen Christ
  • infuses the Fruits and Gifts of the Spirit
  • ritually puts the false self to death 

  • OMOH: 128
  • *OMOH: 159
  • MC: 96
  • IG: 93, 141-142
  • FG: 27
  • HW: 22-23
  • AW: 58-59 

Baptism is a commitment to free oneself, with God’s help, from the excessive demands of security and survival, affection and esteem, and power and control needs and over-identification with any group.

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Baptism is our personal invitation to union with Christ. With Baptism, the seven Gifts of the Spirit are infused into our inmost being along with the three Theological Virtues of faith, hope and charity.

We also receive an increase in the seven Gifts of the Spirit each time we receive the Eucharist in which the sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation are reaffirmed.

The false self is ritually put to death in Baptism, the new self is born, and the victory over sin won by Jesus is communicated to us. The dynamism which is initiated by Baptism is meant to increase continuously during our lives and lead to the experience of the risen life of Christ within us. In the Christian view, death is an integral part of living. Dying to the false self is the movement from a restricted form of life to a liberated one, from a rational state of consciousness to an intuitive one, and from a weak faith to a faith that is strong, penetrating, and unifying. Thus, through Baptism and the gift of faith, the program for the Mystical Body of Christ is encoded within us.


 Reflection: Listening

Baptism invites us to experience the risen Christ.

Reflection: Reflecting

Have you encountered the risen Christ? How? Have you felt an increase in divine life?

Reflection: Responding

Ask God for the grace to let Him put the false self to death. Experience the birth of the new self. Meet the risen Christ.