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  • mean: “Oh, how happy you will be” or “Congratulations!”
  • are the most mature Fruits of the Spirit
  • are the signs and expressions of transformation into Christ
  • are acts of profound virtue inspired by the Spirit

  • OMOH: 45, 103, 129, 132
  • *OMOH: 34, 35, 109, 160, 165
  • HW: 14, 20, 21
  • BP: 107
  • FG: 16, 17, 26, 27, 110
  • AW: 117-118
  • IG: 150
  • CF: 68
  • MC: 89
  • TS: 52

The Beatitudes are the quintessence of the teachings of Jesus and summarize His experience about the nature of true happiness. They highlight the expanding goodness of each new stage of spiritual development. They are the work of the seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

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The Beatitudes are an invitation to assimilate the values proclaimed by Jesus. As a result of God’s purification process and the diminishing of the false self, the Beatitudes grow and ripen. They are prime symptoms, so to speak, of the transformation into Christ that is taking place. As Paul puts it, “I no longer live, but Christ lives in me” (Gal. 2:20).

The grace of the Spirit heals each level of human consciousness preserving the values proper to each level and discarding dispositions which were harmful.

Reflection: Listening

Living the Beatitudes becomes a way of life and is the result of transformation.

The Beatitudes lead to union with God and are themselves, the beginning of that union. 

Reflection: Reflecting

What Beatitudes are evident in your life? What can you do to nourish their growth?

Reflection: Responding

Be aware of the presence of the Beatitudes in the present moment.