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  • is a radiance of God’s presence within us
  • deepens intimacy with Him   
  • heals emotional problems and wounds from the past
  • is given as much as is needed
  • should be received with gratitude as well as allowed to pass on

  • OMOH: 51, 74, 76-78, 85-86
  • *OMOH: 42, 69-72, 83, 186
  • AW: 47
  • BP: 115-116
  • IG: 95, 97, 102-103  

What we experience in spiritual consolation is our interpretation of the divine action within us. Hence it is conditioned by our cultural background, temperament, and personal history. Spiritual consolation is a means of softening up the interior faculties and healing them of their various wounds and thus prepares us for Divine Union.

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God provides consolation to heal our emotional problems and past and present wounds. Someone who has been deprived of love may need a lot of affection to heal. The Spirit may provide waves of love as well as other marks of affection. Consolation is given to everyone as often and as much as they need, but it cannot be possessed. If we try to possess it, it goes away.

Consolation replaces a view of God which is based on good and evil, right and wrong, and reward and punishment. We should accept God as He is. Whatever we experience of God must be allowed to pass like every other thought in our stream of consciousness. If we become attached to them, spiritual consolations can be as distracting as sensible ones.

Spiritual consolation is a radiance of the presence of God. In this life, we cannot know God directly. Direct knowing is what the next life is all about. Now, the best way to know Him is by pure faith, which is beyond thinking, feeling and self-reflection.


 Reflection: Listening

Divine consolation is a gift of God that relativizes and heals our emotional programs for happiness.

Reflection: Reflecting

What is your experience of divine consolation?

Reflection: Responding

Know when divine consolation occurs. After it is experienced, allow it to pass.