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Divine Therapy

  • is liberation from the tyranny of the false self
  • frees one from the undigested emotional junk of a lifetime warehoused in the body
  • involves the healing of the unconscious dimension of the human psyche
  • includes the Dark Nights of the Soul
  • feels, at times, like dying and being abandoned by God
  • supports personal growth and the integration of body and spirit
  • releases the action of the Supernatural Organism present in the ontological unconscious 

  • IG: 72, 74, 106, 162 
  • BP: 23-25 

The Divine Therapy works both in prayer and action to free us from the undigested emotional junk of a lifetime warehoused in the body. The purpose is to enable us to become who we really are. Relationships are healed throught the process of dismantling our emotional programs for happiness. Interior freedom grows as we moderate our over identifcation with a group.

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The human race is very ill. Most people do not have an adequate diagnosis of the human condition and of their own emotional illness in particular. Hence, they do not reach out for the assistance that they need.

Divine Therapy is an idea which portrays the spiritual journey as a form of psychotherapy which is designed to heal the emotional wounds of a lifetime. Divine therapy suggests a climate of friendship as well as the most profound, professional expertise. God is a therapist who recognizes that we come to His healing therapy with serious emotional or mental problems. His compassion for us is boundless and his will to heal is infinite.

Divine therapy works both during prayer and action. It frees us from the undigested emotional junk of a lifetime, which is hidden in the psychological unconscious and warehoused in the body. It encompasses Freud’s discovery of the unconscious dimension of the human psyche.

The Holy Spirit is the divine Therapist and lovingly moderates the intensity of self-knowledge according to our state of life and capacity. Liberation from the false self is a necessity for the practice of virtue. It leads to the experience of the presence of God in pure faith. God seems to withdraw His divine presence in the Dark Night of Spirit. God returns at the appropriate time to call us forth from darkness, confinement, loneliness, dereliction, and grief into the fullness of divine life, light, and love.

There may be transitional times during the spiritual journey when one thinks one can no longer pray. All that is left is the desire to pray, sometimes buried under enormous difficulties in daily life along with the interior purification of the soul. Loving God is not a question of feeling, but of choice. Thus, someone who chooses to pray is praying, and someone who decides to love is loving.


 Reflection: Listening

The Divine Therapy occurs both during prayer and action. The Divine Therapy leads to pure faith, hope, and love.

Reflection: Reflecting

Do you feel separate from God? What is your current capacity for understanding God’s will in your life?

Reflection: Responding

Choose to love God in everything you do. Reach out frequently for his assistance. Just to cry, ‘Help!” is enough.