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Divine Union

  • roots our whole being in God
  • leads to increasing forgetfulness of self
  • develops the spiritual senses
  • requires that we accept ourselves just as we are
  • feels, at times, like being totally absorbed in the delight of God’s presence
  • diminishes our need for human approval and enables us to to wait upon God and his will  

  • OMOH: 33-34, 73-75
  • *OMOH: 18, 67-70
  • CF: 69-70
  • FG: 38
  • IG: 45, 147
  • MC: 81  

For Christians, personal union with Christ is the way to Divine Union. The love of God will take care of the rest of the journey.

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The experience of Divine Union is the presence of God as a unifying presence in our inmost being. Our whole being becomes rooted in God and we see Him in everything and everything in Him. It is the full development of the spiritual senses. The divine presence invites us not only to Divine Union but to unity, a state in which the self no longer is a fixed point of reference.

God is so intimate that no human faculty can perceive His presence. For Christians, personal union with Christ is the way to Divine Union. God takes our purification in hand, bringing our deep-seated selfishness into clear focus and inviting us to relinquish it. At the moment of full union, we may lose awareness of thoughts and move into a brief period of pure consciousness, where there is no consciousness of self.

Divine Union is the goal for all Christian prayer and action. In the moment of full union, the Spirit temporarily suspends our imagination and reflective apparatus so that we can be filled with the divine presence.

Contemplative prayer is the best apprenticeship for the experience of Divine Union. It is an exercise of pure faith, trust, and love for God. Divine Union is not achieved through personal accomplishments. It is the radical change of attitude that enables us to accept our weaknesses and problems and not be the least bit discouraged by our failures.


 Reflection: Listening

In the moment of Divine Union, the sense of self is temporarily suspended, or at least greatly reduced.

Reflection: Reflecting

How might it be like to be totally absorbed in God’s presence?

Reflection: Responding

Accept yourself just as you are. Accept God just as He is. With gratitude, give yourself to God. After an experience of Divine Union, can you recognize its effects in you?