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Gifts of the Spirit

  • are sevenfold: wisdom, understanding, counsel, knowledge, fortitude, reverence, and piety
  • are used by the Spirit to purify our conscious and unconscious motivation

  • MG: 37, 96, 108
  • BP: 42, 45, 61, 94
  • OMOH: 27, 146
  • DT&A: 139
  • IL: 70, 90,102, 125
  • DI: 10
  • FG: 15, 25, 39, 50
  • DR: 45, 164, 199, 298  

Daily, as we practice Centering Prayer, our capacity to let go of thoughts increases and becomes habitual. Thus we are able to respond more fully to the movements of the Spirit. This receptivity is not passivity. It has a welcoming quality that enables the Gifts of the Spirit to take root and gradually take over our prayer. The Spirit then guides us during the time of prayer from start to finish.

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The Gifts of the Spirit are explicitly transmitted to us in the sacrament of Confirmation and include all the resources we need to become one with Christ. The Gifts are present in both prayer and action and are rooted in The Divine Indwelling. As the Gifts unfold, we are able to commit to the process of liberating the false self’s and ego’s conscious and unconscious motivation. In this way, we are freed from over-identification with our emotional programs for happiness.

As we embrace the contemplative Gifts of the Spirit, their inspired effects bubble up from within. Centering Prayer practice becomes the prayer of the Spirit. As we learn to listen to the Word of God within us, we develop greater sensitivity to the seven gifts and allow the divine energy to manifest itself during our prayer and in the events of our daily life. Then, the risen life of Christ can suggest what is to be done and not done in incredible detail. A dynamic relationship is opened to us and grows in proportion to the depth and sincerity of our love.


 Reflection: Listening

Are you aware of the presence of one or more Gifts of the Spirit inspiring your actions?

Reflection: Reflecting

Which Gift do you think you most need in your life at this time? Is there some action you should take right now?

Reflection: Responding

Say what you want to God. What would you like Him to reply?