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Holy Trinity

  • Is one God in three divine persons – Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • Dwells in us from the instant of our creation 
  • Is the deepest of the Christian mysteries  
  • Its nature is to give Itself away to each other eternally through the three relationships

  • BP: 29, 61
  • CPDLM: 102
  • FCP: 5, 343
  • FG: 109
  • SMM: 62, 69
  • DI: 2, 4, 132
  • DR: 209, 220, 275
  • MG: 35 

The dogma of the Trinity speaks of one God in three divine persons. The first person is the Father. The second person is the Son (Eternal Word of God) and the third person is the Holy Spirit. The Divine Indwelling of the Holy Trinity is a truth of faith that is easily forgotten, yet it is the one on which a radical, personal conversion depends. It is the source of Centering Prayer.

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The emptying of ourselves for the good of others is a continuation of the same movement of emptying – kenosis – that goes on in the Holy Trinity: giving away all the Father is to the Son and vice versa. Each receives back everything in and through the Person of infinite love, the Holy Spirit. Thus Jesus in his sacrifice on the cross manifested the total self-emptying of the Father, revealing the inner nature of the Trinity. He awakens in us what the love of God is and models how we are called to serve.

The sacrament of the Eucharist instantly plunges us into the depths of the Trinity. The Holy Spirit pours into us rays of light that enlightens our minds and strengthens our will to pursue the Light.

Through the practice of Contemplative Prayer this explosion of divine energy is gradually unpacked so that, little by little, we can perceive in detail the great gifts we have received in the communication of divine light, life and love conferred upon us in this sacrament.

What Jesus Christ did in his sacrifice on the cross was to manifest the total self-emptying of the Father, revealing in this way the inner nature of the Trinity. We consent to the fact that from the instant of our creation, the divine Trinity, Father, Son and the Holy Sprit, have been dwelling in us as the source of our being at every level.

We can understand Jesus’ identity as the Son of God more clearly by thinking of him in terms of the revelation of the Trinity. That revelation affirms what the mystics of all religions have intuited: The ultimate nature of infinite being is love.


 Reflection: Listening

Sometimes a sense of God’s presence may be personified in one member of the Holy Trinity.

Reflection: Reflecting

How is God becoming formed in you? Have you experienced a sense of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit? What were the circumstances? What new awareness did you experience?

Reflection: Responding

Lord, lead me to a fuller relationship with you by opening my mind and heart to the truth of the Trinity hidden in the depths of my being.