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  • is a physical or mental state which impedes our ability to settle into the quiet of deep prayer
  • prevents us from experiencing the presence of God
  • is addressed by Centering Prayer which opens us to a healthy dependence on God both in prayer and action
  • hinders the contemplative attitude of listening and complete receptivity 

  • Afflictive Emotions
  • Over-Dependence on Self
  • Over-Identification 

Three major obstacles to the spiritual journey are: over-conceptualization, hyperactivity, and over-dependence on self. Centering Prayer helps us to get beyond these obstacles and to settle into interior silence and stillness. Listening to the scriptures and doing Lectio Divina in a contemplative manner does the same.

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Centering Prayer helps us get beyond the obstacles of hyperactivity, over-conceptualization, and over-dependence on self. It brings us into the presence of God and fosters the contemplative attitudes of listening and receptivity as experienced in Lectio Divina and Centering Prayer. They open us to a deeper relationship with God that might be called “intimacy.”


 Reflection: Listening

Hyperactivity hinders spiritual growth.

Reflection: Reflecting

What happens to you when you are hyperactive? Why might extremely active states diminish your sense of silence?

Reflection: Responding

Pay attention to the present moment and its contents. Notice occasions of hyperactivity.