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Jesus Christ

  • Transmits the life of God 
  • Manifests the consciousness of the Ultimate Reality and the infinite compassion of God
  • Gives insight into the mystery of Divine Love
  • Is the sign of the presence of the Eternal Word of God
  • Is present here and now in His glorified body

  • DT& A: 44, 81, 141
  • BP: 18, 106, 109, 112
  • IL: 41
  • FG: 42
  • DI: 7
  • MG: 1, 36 
  • MC: 1,2 

As Christians, we believe that Jesus is the savior of the human family. Through his divine nature as the Eternal Word of God, He has been present to every human being from the beginning of time. All people are called to be saved through God’s infinite mercy, whether they know the historical Jesus or not.

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In the Christian scheme of things, Jesus alone is fully enlightened. The Kingdom of God is the state of consciousness that Jesus enjoyed as the Word made flesh. It is Christ’s experience as a human being of the Eternal Father as Abba, the most loving of parental figures, the creator and sustainer of our being at every level – body, soul and spirit – and in every nanosecond of time.

In his glorified body, Jesus is in us and we are in Him. We are made in His image and through his Spirit, He dwells within us. Our spiritual awareness is designed by God to become our normal awareness. Each of us has his or her own ideas and attitude toward Jesus who through His teachings, challenges us to grow up!

Jesus has taken upon himself the sins of the world and became a member of our fallen human race. He chose to be part of our life experiences in order to raise us to Divine Union.


 Reflection: Listening

We all encounter Jesus in our personal life.

Reflection: Reflecting

If you have encountered Him, what was His message? Has it changed your life? If you have not encountered Him, what would you like to ask if you could?

Reflection: Responding

Speak to Jesus (whether you’ve met Him or not) from your heart. Tell Him what you feel, believe and are struggling with. Take a risk. Is it possible for you to have a personal relationship with Him?