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Knowledge (Gift of Knowledge)

  • provides a realistic understanding of the created world as a manifestation of God 
  • opens us to knowing God as He is
  • is an intuition that reveals the fact that only God can fulfill our boundless desire for happiness
  • involves the dismantling of the false self during the Night of Sense and Night of Spirit
  • spurs the emergence and action of the Beatitudes and Fruits of the Spirit 

  • FG: 33, 39, 73-86 
  • BP: 60-61  

The Gift of Knowledge gives us a true idea of the created world in relation to God. The created world is a stepping-stone to God and manifests God. Without that orientation, the created world is sheer vanity or illusion.

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The Gift of Knowledge delivers the truth of the created world insofar as it manifests God. The Gift of Knowledge opens us to the reality of God just as He is, especially His down-to-earthiness, humor, and playfulness.

The Gift of Knowledge is an intuition into the fact that only God can satisfy our deepest longing for happiness. It provides perspective on the immense energy that we put into sustaining our emotional programs for happiness. We then realize that the action of this gift is constructive and fruitful. We seek happiness only in God and find true peace.

The gift is associated with mourning or “tears of contrition” because it involves dying to the false self in the Night of Sense and Night of Spirit. As the fruits of the Spirit and the Beatitudes emerge, we experience a disposition of ever-increasing, inner freedom.


 Reflection: Listening

The Gift of Knowledge reveals the true nature of the world and the truth of God.

Reflection: Reflecting

What is the created world really like? Who is God?

Reflection: Responding

Understand the inherent characteristics of creation. Seek to know God beyond concepts and feelings.