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Manifesting God

  • is our primary purpose as children of God
  • challenges us to become fully human and to share in the divine life
  • inspires the will to put our human life at the disposal of the divine plan of transforming humanity into participation in the divine life (2 Peter 1:4)
  • encourages us to grow in intimacy with God by living the contemplative life of prayer and service of others 

  • MG: 54
  • AW: 59-60
  • IG: 149
  • IL: 103 

Manifesting the Father is Jesus’ primary preoccupation, and in the Incarnation, it takes the form of giving up the divine life itself. As the Eternal Word of God, He did not consider being equal to God something to cling to…(Philippians 2:6)

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God is manifesting who He is at every moment in and through us and through all of creation. Jesus’ teaching initiates us into how to participate in the cosmic adventure of manifesting God. The four Gospels contain His program for revolutionizing our understanding of the Ultimate Mystery, whom we call God in the Judeo-Christian tradition. As a result, our idea of others and of all created reality are transformed.

The challenge of becoming fully human is a daunting one, because to become fully human is to become divine. Thus, we put our human life, uniqueness, and talents into the transcendent project of manifesting God and of transforming the present world into what St. Paul calls the “new creation.”

Mary is the paradigm of those who are manifesting Christ in their individual lives. Her compassion is rooted in the kind of love that God has for us; it is a love that is tender, firm, and completely self-giving. We are to become what she was from the beginning of her life. Following her example, we too are to conceive through grace and bring forth the Word of God. Such is the meaning of Baptism.

God-consciousness is the fruit of Christ’s passion, death, resurrection and Ascension. In the Ascension, the risen Jesus enters with His humanity into the heart of all creation where He dwells everywhere and in everything, visible only to the eyes of faith that penetrate through every disguise, including the greatest of sorrows. Just as Jesus manifests the Father by giving up the divine life and becoming human, we are invited to manifest Jesus in our lives and join the cosmic project of transforming humanity. We do this as we continue to grow in closeness and intimacy with Him through the practice of Centering Prayer and living the contemplative life on a day to day basis.


 Reflection: Listening

Manifesting God is our primary goal and should fully engage us.

Reflection: Reflecting

How is your life like that of Mary, who manifested Christ through her compassion, tender love, and complete self-giving? How might you become fully human and therefore a divine-human person?

Reflection: Responding

Grow in intimacy with God.