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Meekness (Kindness)

  • is one of the Fruits of the Spirit
  • is required for peace among families, communities, and nations
  • dismantles the need to control situations, others, and even our own lives
  • continues to show love in spite of how we are treated
  • allows us to feel no loss of peace when treated with insult or humiliation
  • refuses to injure others regardless of the provocation
  • nurtures openness to the continual awareness of God’s presence and the acceptance of everyone with all their limitations
  • inclines us to limitless kindness, compassion, and understanding of others

  • FG: 19-20
  • MC: 98-99 

Meekness (kindness) is freedom from hostility, hatred, or outbursts of anger. It has no energy for aggressive or domineering behavior and cannot bear a grudge against any human being. Revenge is the farthest thing from its mind.

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Guided by this Fruit of the Spirit, the meek do not get angry in the face of insult or injury. They have dismantled their need to control others, events, and their own lives. When they experience insult or humiliation, they do not perceive it as a loss or an attack. Hence, they are free to love no matter what happens.

The meek refuse to injure others regardless of the provocation. They are not judgmental. Freedom enables them to have great compassion for those who are still imprisoned by their needs for power and control, unbounded affection and esteem, and the multiplication of survival and security resources.

The growth of meekness opens us to the continual awareness of God’s presence and the acceptance of everyone together with their limitations. While not approving of the harmful things that others may do, the meek accept people just as they are.


 Reflection: Listening

Kindness is our true nature. The best asceticism is to do good all the time.

Reflection: Reflecting

How do you show love when you are mistreated?

Reflection: Responding

Do not try to control others or situations. Entrust yourself to God’s unfailing protection. Love others as Christ has loved you.