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  • is the Beatitude that indicates how our contemplative vision is to be put into practice
  • prompts us to offer assistance to others even at considerable cost to ourselves
  • challenges us to go beyond routines and preconceptions and reach out to anyone who needs special care
  • imitates God by the forgiveness of everyone and everything 

  • MC: 103-104

The opportunities for satisfying the hunger for holiness arising from the Gift of Fortitude are immediately at hand if we are sensitive to the needs of others. Every now and then we are prompted to offer some kind of assistance at considerable or even great cost to ourselves. This offer has to be appropriate to our state of life. At the same time, this Gift of the Spirit challenges us to go beyond our routines and preconceptions and to reach out to those needing special care. This is the inspiration that leads to the Beatitude of the Merciful, which is to put into practice our contemplative vision and experience.

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The Beatitude (/”Blessed are the Merciful/”) comes from the inspiration of the Gift of Counsel. The merciful are able to move beyond selfishness into a love that is totally self-giving.

Being merciful imitates Christ and fulfills His commandment ‘to love one another as I have loved you’. * This means to love others not only in their hidden beauty as cells in the Mystical Body of Christ, but also in their concreteness, including their personality traits, idiosyncrasies and opinions, which we may find irritating or unbearable.

Even in the face of persecution and injury, if we enjoy the inner freedom of the merciful, we will be able to show love.


 Reflection: Listening

To be merciful is to deliver relief for someone at considerable cost to ourself.

Reflection: Reflecting

How might you see beauty in others? Or God in them? What activity might you carry out even though it might cause you suffering?

Reflection: Responding

Move beyond your normal routines and preconceptions. Help someone else without regard for self.