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Mystical Body of Christ

  • is an analogy for the worldwide Christian community which is the church
  • consists of members who are like cells in the human body
  • is accountable to God, themselves, and all other

  • CF: 62
  • FCP: 157, 265, 266 
  • IL: 33  
  • DI: 20
  • MG: 36
  • TS: 27
  • IG: 126

As Christians, we believe that in Baptism we are incorporated into the Mystical Body of Christ and become cells in his glorified body.

The Spirit dwelling in each cell of the Mystical Body puts at our disposal all the spiritual gifts we need to be transformed into the mind and heart of Christ and into full participation in the Kingdom of God.

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The Mystical Body of Christ is a way of describing not only the Christian community, but the whole human family, since God wills all be to saved. It may also include all life and even all creation. God may intend to make matter itself, divine.

Each member is a cell, a basic unit of the living Body of Christ. As a cell, each is encoded with the program for the whole Body which is divine transformation. Every cell in the human body is sent to carry out a specialized and vital function for the health and good functioning of the whole organism. Each cell in the Mystical Body is fully integrated with the others to collectively build up the Body to full maturity.

When authority functions on the mythic membership level, it easily moves from the exercise of authority to authoritarianism. Jesus’s idea of authority belongs to the mental egoic level of consciousness. Authority is designed to serve those whom it leads. It is exercised to elicit and encourage the creativity of the members of the Christian community. Authority in the Christian religion is designed to lead us out of the swamp of self-centered motivation into the freedom and accountability of full personhood. We can then take our place in the Mystical Body of Christ as a living cell responsible for the well being of the whole body.


 Reflection: Listening

As a member of the Mystical Body of Christ, you are a cell and integrated will all the other cells.

Reflection: Reflecting

As a cell, what is your vocation in the Mystical Body? What is the nature of the diversity and synergy of cells in the Body? “If one member suffers, all members suffer.” How do you understand this? If one member is honored, do you rejoice?

Reflection: Responding

Know your function as member of the Mystical Body.