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Ontological Unconscious

  • contains the supernatural organism infused through grace and enhanced by the sacraments
  • is the source of potentialities for the more-advanced levels of spiritual development
  • includes the natural energies such as the life force, dynamic ground, and kundalini
  • serves through the brain and nervous system as the basis of conscious mental and spiritual development
  • contains the mystery of God’s divine life within us 

  • IG: 92-93
  • MC: 70 

The ontological level of being contains all the major human potentialities for spiritual development that are waiting to be activated.

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The ontological (level of being) unconsciousness can be differentiated into the natural energies of human life and the energies of grace. Through these energies, we participate in the creative process through which all existing things emerge and to which they return.

The level of grace is the Supernatural Organism, rooted in the Divine Indwelling, from which arise the theological virtues, the infused moral virtues, and the Fruits and seven Gifts of the Spirit. The powers of these gratuitous gifts of grace are waiting to be activated by prayer, the practice of virtue, and the Divine Therapy that purifies the unconscious.

When intuitions arise from the ontological unconscious, God is remembering Himself in us. This is an awakening to the mystery of God’s presence within.


 Reflection: Listening

The ontological (level of being) unconscious is the source and reservoir of potential for spiritual development.

Reflection: Reflecting

What is possible in your spiritual development? How is God remembering Himself in you?

Reflection: Responding

Intuit your potential for Divine Union. Be open to the activation of what’s next.