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We seek individuals who will 1) learn how to pose good questions to spiritual elders 2) effectively edit and integrate insights for learning resources and publications, and 3) facilitate online collaboration.


Since 2006, we’ve been applying Knowledge Harvesting practices to unwrap the dynamics of spiritual transformation. In particular, we’ve been working with spiritual elders to articulate changes in consciousness as viewed through the perspective of the Contemplative Dimension of the Gospel. To date, the artifacts include: a concordance of Father Thomas Keating’s works (to be published by Lantern Books), a companion book which delivers an adapted lectio divina process, system dynamics models which interrelate difficult-to-perceive characteristics of growth, an interdenominational framework for sharing information about spiritual transformation, and an interview guide for engaging elders. Now, it’s time to begin outreach and continue learning. If you are interested, please email and introduce yourself.


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