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  • is one of the Fruits of the Spirit
  • diminishes feelings of being disturbed by the ebb and flow of human events
  • decreases the domination of our feelings, although they may still be strongly felt
  • fosters contentment in waiting for God
  • awakens self-knowledge and the ability to express love of God 

Patience may also be called long-suffering.

  • OMOH: 37-38, 132
  • FG: 21-22
  • IG: 35
  • CF: 95 

Christian practice can be summed up by the word patience. In the New Testament, patience means waiting for God for any length of time, not going away, and not giving in to boredom or discouragement.

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Patience (long-suffering), as a Fruit of the Spirit, is rooted in trust in God’s unwavering fidelity to his promises of help, forgiveness, and healing. Our security is no longer based on possessions or accomplishments. Patience nurtures our conviction of God’s unfailing protection and love.

Through the Fruit of Patience, we are less disturbed by the ebb and flow of psychological states and everyday events. Feelings that react to difficult situations continue, and we may feel them more strongly than ever, but they do not dominate our awareness or activity. We are content to wait for God’s deliverance in every situation, especially during prolonged periods of dryness in prayer, spiritual practices, and the dark nights.

By enduring trials, self-knowledge is deepened through the exercise of patience and we experience trust in God in an ever-increasing degree.


 Reflection: Listening

Patience is the expression of certitude in God’s unwavering fidelity to his promises.

Reflection: Reflecting

Do you give in to boredom or discouragement? Do emotional reactions dominate your decisions and actions? How might you be content to wait for God?

Reflection: Responding

Wait for God. Be certain of God’s promises. Live in God’s unfailing protection.