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  • have established peace within themselves
  • can generate peace around them
  • can co-create the cosmos with God because their will is freed from the false self and totally one with God
  • take responsibility for the whole human family, its needs, and its destiny
  • are not their own and belong to everyone 

The Beatitude of the peacemakers may also be referred to as peacemaking

  • MC: 104
  • FG: 107-108 

The Beatitude of the peacemakers reveals that the peacemakers are those who have established peace within themselves and can now bring peace to others. Peace is not naive simplicity, but the perfect harmony of the immense complexity of the human organism. It is the delicate balance between all the faculties of the human body, soul, and spirit totally subject to God’s will and transformed by divine love into a finely tuned instrument.

On the social plane, it can communicate peace in conflicting situations such as war, violence, rivalries, contention. Peace in the social arena has to be based on justice. Peace among people and nations cannot be built on institutional injustice.

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Peacemaking is the natural overflow of rootedness in Christ. Peacemakers pour into the world the grace that they receive from God, which is a share in His divine nature.

The Gift of Wisdom is the source of the Beatitude of the peacemakers. Peacemakers have established internal peace and have aligned their senses and spiritual faculties into a unity that submits completely to God’s direction and inspiration.

Peacemakers can establish peace around them. In our time, God seems to urge us to take more initiative in dealing with global problems and to transforming society. Divine empowerment is more present in those who climb the ladder of the Beatitudes than anywhere else in creation. The vast energy of the cosmos is nothing in comparison with the energy of someone who is free of the false self and free to co-create with God.

God’s top priority seems to be the creation of a world in which earth’s goods are equitably distributed, no one is forgotten or isolated, and no one rests until everyone has enough to eat, the oppressed are liberated, and justice and peace are the norm among nations, ethnic groups, and the religions of the world.

The commitment to the spiritual journey is not a commitment to enjoying our own idea of peace, but to taking responsibility for the whole human family, its needs, and destiny. As God’s children, we are not our own. We belong to God first, and in him and with him, to everyone else.


 Reflection: Listening

Peacemaking is the foundation for action.

Reflection: Reflecting

What is your idea of peacemaking? What is your responsibility for the human family?

Reflection: Responding

Pour yourself into the world through prayer and action inspired by peace.