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Persecuted for Righteousness Case

  • may happen when one tries to change unjust societal structures
  • manifests acceptance of personal suffering for the sake of God
  • arouses divine protection, deliverance, and reward for the persecuted

  • MC: 95-96
  • IG: 27-28 

This Beatitude, rooted in the Gifts of Fortitude and Wisdom, declares those who are persecuted for justice or truth’s sake to be especially happy. They have the broadest claim to the Kingdom of God and eternal happiness.

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This Beatitude is a summary of all the others. The writings of the prophets of Israel reveal the divine concern for the welfare, protection and deliverance of those who suffer affliction for God’s sake: “Blessed are those who are persecuted for holiness’ sake; the reign of God is theirs.”

We are usually persecuted for trying to change unjust societal structures. The reward for those who give up anything for God’s sake is not on the level of material success. The hero of the Psalms is clearly the person who suffers affliction for the love of God.


 Reflection: Listening

To be persecuted for righteousness’ sake is to suffer for right actions.

Reflection: Reflecting

What unjust societal conditions are the greatest in need of change right now?

Reflection: Responding

Be courageous and trust in God. Be prepared for personal affliction.