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  • is both individual and collective

  • is our participation in the Paschal Mystery: the passion, death, and resurrection of Christ

  • is the ultimate goal of Jesus Christ – to engage us in the redemption of the world beginning with ourselves

  • is the greatest project in human life

  • is not mass produced, but happens one person at a time 

  • IL: 109
  • MG: 25, 59, 60
  • BP: 54, 55, 120
  • FG: 98
  • TS: 29
  • DR: 241, 254, 291, 358 

The ultimate goal of Jesus is to engage us in His redemptive work for the transformation of the world. Through union with Him, we share in the greatest project in human life, the redemption of the world.

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By submitting to God’s purifying love, the Spirit gradually incorporates us into the mystery of the redemption, making us a kind of sacrament of God’s presence and a transmitter of divine grace. Christ let go of his identify as the Son of God in order to identify with every human being ‘past, present, and to come’ all of whom are in need of redemption and destined for divine transformation.

The primary work of our redemption is to share in Christ’s passion, death, descent into hell, resurrection, and ascension. To accept physical or mental affliction and whatever damage was done to us in life by people or circumstances is to participate in the cross of Christ and in our own redemption. In other words, the acceptance of our wounds is not only the beginning, but the journey itself.


 Reflection: Listening

Accept, for the love of God, whatever happens in life. Participate in the cross of Christ.

Reflection: Reflecting

What is your work of redemption? What is your role in sharing this greatest project in human life?

Reflection: Responding

Nothing can hurt you if you understand that whatever you are going through is an invitation to participate in the redemption of the world.