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Reverence (Gift of Reverence)

  • is one of the seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • is the continuous awareness of God’s presence 

The Gift of Reverence is also referred to as the Gift of the Fear of the Lord.

  • IL: 105
  • FG: 43, 44, 47, 48, 57
  • OMOH: 88
  • MG: 37, 73
  • DR: 130, 134, 201

The Gift of Reverence keeps us true to ourselves and to God. It tells the truth and will not back down for self-defensive or security motives. It is filled with awe in experiencing God’s marvelous deeds. It falls in love with God.

When referred to as the Gift of the Fear of the Lord, it must be carefully distinguished from the emotion of fear, which is the spontaneous reaction of the senses to an object perceived as dangerous or harmful.

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To always be aware of God is to take refuge in God’s protection at all times.

As the Gift of Reverence grows stronger, our trust in God expands. Humility is a profound sense of our weakness and nothingness, but at the same time an ever increasing trust in God’s infinite mercy and compassion. The Gift of Reverence balances these apparent opposites and enables us to maintain inner peace as self-knowledge grows and reveals to us our secret faults.

“Fear” does not mean the emotion of fear, but rather fear in the sense of wonder, awe, and reverence.


 Reflection: Listening

We all need God to keep us faithful to our conscience and to our commitments.

Reflection: Reflecting

Do you hide from the truth about yourself for security reasons? Do you remember to ask for God’s help?

Reflection: Responding

Be faithful to your conscience. Commit each moment to God.