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  • initially begins as grace  
  • is ongoing and occurs in everyday life 
  • is the means to overcome the human condition 

  • BP: 106
  • HW: 35-38
  • TS: 9-10 

Salvation is going on all the time. For a Christian, it starts with faith in Jesus Christ and repentance. Salvation must go through a long period of growth before one becomes fully mature.

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All the great religions of the world agree that the human race is in the serious predicament of needing to be saved from the scourge of ever-recurring evil habits and their ensuing misery. They proclaim that the essential work of every human life is to prepare for union with the Ultimate Reality.

Christians believe that Jesus Christ is the savior of the human family and that through his divine nature as the Eternal Word of God, he has been present to every human being from the beginning of time. In other words, people are called to be saved through God’s infinite mercy, whether they know the historical Jesus or not.


 Reflection: Listening

Salvation is for everyone, even for those who have hurt us.

Reflection: Reflecting

Can you forgive yourself when you are hurtful? Can you forgive others when they are hurtful?

Reflection: Responding

Ask God for the grace to forgive and change your way of acting or reacting.