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Spiritual Journey

  • is the unique path of Christians growing up as cells in the Mystical Body of Christ
  • provides us with new levels of surrender, faith, and love
  • becomes more demanding and liberating as we open and surrender to God
  • awakens us to the Divine Indwelling
  • brings us to perceive God in everything and everything in God
  • leads to Transforming Union with God
  • manifests as deep rest and right action 

  • AW: 10, 48, 102
  • CF: 41
  • IG: 52-54, 88-91, 97, 101, 114, 119
  • FG: 2-4, 9 

The spiritual journey is not a success story or a career. It is rather a series of humiliations of the false self. It is experienced as diminutions of the false self and the value system and worldview that we built up so painstakingly in early life as defenses to cope with emotional pain.

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The spiritual journey is a gradual process of expanding our emotional, mental, and physical relationship with the Divine reality. The goal of the journey is to manifest God both during prayer and action. As the contemplative dimension of prayer deepens, we perceive God in everything and everything in God. The Divine Indwelling becomes a living relationship.

The spiritual journey is challenging. Its dynamics take time and work. It is unique to each individual and there are many surprises along the way.

While the spiritual journey becomes more demanding as it unfolds, it also becomes more liberating. Faith helps us to be open and to surrender to God, who is always one step ahead of us. Just when we think we have found Him, He slips from our grasp. However, we do not have to go anywhere to find Him because God is already here.

The Spirit invites us to ever new levels of surrender, faith, and love. Letting go into the unknown is an essential step to enable consciousness to grow. God challenges us not only to enter into Divine Union, but to share Christ’s redemptive work by service of others and the human family.


 Reflection: Listening

The spiritual journey includes a series of humiliations of the false self, which allows the True Self to emerge into consciousness.

Reflection: Reflecting

What does humiliation of the false self feel like? What might be next in your spiritual growth? How do you manifest God in your contemplation? How do you manifest God in your action?

Reflection: Responding

Understand how you grow in Christ. Know that growth never ends.