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Supernatural Organism

  • is rooted in the Divine Indwelling of the Holy Trinity
  • is comprised of the Infused Moral Virtues, the Theological Virtues, and the Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit 

  • MG: 38
  • SCT: xii

The Christian religion is primarily about the transformation of consciousness into Christ consciousness. This requires spiritual practice and the cultivation of wisdom. In another time this was called cultivating the supernatural organism, which Paul called “the new creation”. Its main purpose is to allow God to transform us. The early church called this deification, theosis, and divinization.

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The Supernatural Organism and all its aspects – the Infused Moral and Theological Virtues, and the Fruits and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit – grow at the same time. Growth in one area is growth in all.

The Supernatural Organism is implanted in us by the grace of Baptism or by the desire for Baptism. As all the faculties of human beings are rooted in the soul and are enlivened by it, so all the powers needed to be transformed in Christ are rooted in the Divine Indwelling. But these gifts of grace need to be activated by the practices of the Christian life. They are initially hidden from us in what might be called the Ontological Unconscious.

The Supernatural Organism is a real participating in the divine life, a state of empowerment waiting to be discovered. It is hidden and more or less immobilized by the straightjacket of the false self, in which virtually all our attention is completely immersed in the developmental process as of early life.

In the spiritual journey, as the emotional programs for happiness and over-identification with the groups to which we belong are reduced, especially by practices of letting go and by cultivating interior silence in Centering Prayer, this giant array of graced powers begins to function and reveals itself in prayer and daily life.


 Reflection: Listening

Christianity is primarily about transformation into the mind and heart of Christ – “that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.” (John 17:3)

Reflection: Reflecting

How does the supernatural organism work? What is your role in cultivating the supernatural organism?

Reflection: Responding

Become aware of how you reflect the beauty, goodness, and love of God in your thoughts, words, actions, and silence.