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  • is yielding to God in complete trust
  • is letting go and allowing the Spirit to lead us
  • calls for the total giving of our faculties and of our whole being to the truth within and outside ourselves
  • leads us to give up our own desires to follow God’s will
  • allows God’s transforming process to take place through prayer and the events of daily life 

  • IG: 114, 115
  • AW: 118
  • HW: 40
  • CF: 49, 80 

The spiritual journey is a surrender in total trust to the conviction that what we hope to find on the spiritual journey is already present and will certainly reveal itself in time. There is, however, no guarantee that we will arrive safely on the basis of evidence or circumstances. We must let go of our own will and let the inspirations of the the Holy Spirit take us.

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Surrender and trust are key to our progress in the spiritual journey. We are called to surrender to God in complete trust. We must let go and allow the Spirit to lead.

Faith involves the total surrender of all our faculties and of our whole being to the truth inside and outside ourselves. God’s transforming action takes place in the degree of our surrender.


 Reflection: Listening

Transformation demands surrender.

Reflection: Reflecting

Where might the Spirit go with you? In what new ways might you surrender?

Reflection: Responding

Let go. Go with Spirit.