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The Meek

  • is one of the Beatitudes
  • are free to show love under any circumstances
  • are free of their power and control center
  • do not feel offended when insulted or humiliated
  • refuse to injure others regardless of the provocation
  • are not judgmental
  • have great compassion for those who are imprisoned in the straightjacket of their emotional needs 

  • MC: 98-99 

“Blest are the meek; they shall inherit the land.” The meek are those who do not get angry in the face of insult or injury and who have begun to dismantle their need or demand to control other people, events, and their own lives. When they experience an insult or humiliation, they do not feel it as an offense. Hence, they are free to continue to show love.

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Regardless of the provocation, the meek refuse to injure others. They are not judgmental. They may not approve of someone’s conduct or principles, but they refuse to make a moral judgment about the person in question.

Rather, freedom from their own strivings for power and control enables them to have great compassion for those who are still imprisoned by the quest for power that can never be satisfied. The meek have no energy for anger or revenge.

Meekness is not passivity, but the determination to continue loving no matter the circumstances. To show love is the true nature of being human. This attitude undercuts violence at its roots.


 Reflection: Listening

Meekness is not passivity. The meek are free to show love.

Reflection: Reflecting

How might you dismantle your desire to control others?

Reflection: Responding

Disregard anger in the face of insult or injury. Don’t judge the motives of others.