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Theological Virtues

  • are the transforming dynamism used by the Spirit to arouse deeper levels of divine awareness and ultimately, the grace of Divine Union
  • initiate and greatly influence our spiritual life
  • are enhanced through the practice of Centering Prayer
  • grow together with the seven Gifts of the Spirit and raise us to the divine mode of knowing and action
  • are liberated from merely human motivations through the Night of Spirit 

  • IL: 98
  • FG: 16, 26, 40
  • MC: 123
  • IG: 32, 35, 148, 151-152 

The Fruits of the Spirit grow together with the theological virtues of Faith, Hope, and Charity. The Beatitudes are the ripe fruits of the process of transformation in Christ.

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The three theological virtues are Faith, Hope, and divine love or Charity. These virtues start functioning and grow by being exercised in daily life and awaken us to deeper levels of divine awareness.

The seven Gifts of the Spirit purify and raise the theological virtues to the divine mode of knowing and acting. The Beatitudes are the ripe fruits of that transformation.

Gradually, the influence of the Gift of Understanding manifests itself by introducing us into the Night of Spirit. Spiritual consolations cease and we feel plunged into an abyss of spiritual darkness, even to the point of feeling alienated from God. As the intensity of the divine light reveals our weakness and powerlessness, the theological virtues are liberated from the human props on which they overly-depended.


 Reflection: Listening

The theological virtues function and grow in daily life.

Reflection: Reflecting

What is your level of faith? What is your level of hope? What is your level of charity? How do these virtues expand your level of divine awareness?

Reflection: Responding

Open your heart to the activities of the Supernatural Organism.