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  • is a radical change in our attitudes 
  • is enabled through suffering and love
  • depends on the growth of faith, hope, and divine love 
  • is the stable, abiding presence of God 

  • BP: 19, 23, 24, 70
  • CPDLM: 44, 99
  • CF: 23
  • DT& A: 15, 34, 37, 63, 157, 216
  • DR: 37, 166, 185, 280, 319
  • DI: 42, 55, 87
  • FG: 11, 15, 16
  • HC: 22
  • MG: 30, 31, 36, 51, 83
  • OMOH: 4, 6, 45, 94, 104, 106, 127-131, 147
  • STL: 10, 11, 46
  • TS: 24, 28, 58 

Transformation is how we live who we are and what we do with our circumstances. Instead of trying to free us from what interferes with ordinary life, the Spirit calls us to transformation of our inmost being where we are.

Transformation in Christ is the ultimate healing of the human condition. Once one’s being is transformed into Christ, one’s doing becomes anointed with the interior transformation of one’s being.

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The ultimate Christian project is to realize the fullness of transformation in Christ. And this unfolding is not just for us; it is participation in the transformation of the entire human race.

Transformation means progressively moving towards higher, more-adequate patterns of thinking and knowing. We are no longer so tied to external objects that we can think of nothing else. We are becoming aware of our spiritual nature and our spirit as the dwelling place of the Holy Trinity.

Transformation allows us to become united to everything else in which God dwells. Knowing that Christ dwells in every other person enables us to express charity toward others with greater spontaneity. Instead of seeing only someone’s personality, race, nationality, gender, status, or characteristics (which you may like or may not like), you see what is deepest — their union or potential union with Christ.


 Reflection: Listening

The Spirit calls us to transformation of our inmost being. Suffering and love are the two basic ingredients for transformation.

Reflection: Reflecting

What aspect of your false self is deterring your transformation? How do you contribute to the transformation of everyone? Has your suffering been an impetus for change and transformation? Are you able to love unconditionally?

Reflection: Responding

“Launch out into the deep.” (Luke 5:4) Transformation in Christ is the ultimate healing! It is a new way of being in the world.