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Transforming Union

  • is a way of uniting with Jesus Christ in a spiritual marriage
  • is prepared for by the Night of Spirit, according to St. John of the Cross 
  • may be followed by greater trials
  • may lead to special ministries
  • causes one’s activity to be anointed by the interior transformation of one’s inmost being by the Holy Spirit
  • re-appropriates the good in every stage of our life by reliving the values of each stage and letting go of what was harmful
  • moves us towards divine modes of thinking, knowing, and acting

Transforming Union is also known as “Divine Union”, “transformation in Christ”, and “inner resurrection”.

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Teresa of Avila says that Transforming Union might be likened to the transformation of a worm into a butterfly. The life of a butterfly totally transcends that of a worm, but the worm contributes to the process by weaving its own cocoon. Through the regular practice of contemplative prayer and by dismantling the emotional programs for happiness, we too weave our cocoon, die to the false self and ego, and await the moment of inner resurrection.

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The Transforming Union enables one to handle greater trials. The trials do not take away or diminish that union, but the union is so pure that it might at times not be perceived.

Transforming Union is a profound way of imitating the Son of God, who relinquished the privileges of His unique union with the Father to experience the human condition just as it is and to make our sufferings his own. His redeeming sacrifice could only be imitated by one who is established in Divine Union and who then gives back to God the normal enjoyment of that state in order to be immersed again in unbearable trials for the healing and transformation of others.

Life, once a person is in union with God, is what God wants it to be. It is full of surprises.

In the Transforming Union with Christ, one is anointed with His interior dispositions. It means moving progressively toward more Christ-like patterns of knowing and acting in response to the promptings of the Spirit.


 Reflection: Listening

Transforming Union is what God wants to do with your life. Transforming Union is also described as inner resurrection.

Reflection: Reflecting

What is transformation? What does it entail? What might happen now?

Reflection: Responding

Expect and welcome more difficult trials out of love for God and compassion for others. Allow your ways of thinking and knowing to be transformed.