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True Self

  • is the image of God within us
  • is our basic core of goodness given to us by God
  • requires letting go of the false self and the ego in order to manifest God
  • leads to divine love which becomes our primary motivating force in every situation
  • provides a deep sense of peace and joy which balances the psychic pain of the dying of the false self
  • enables us to love our True Self and to be aware that it is Christ expressing Himself in us
  • takes time and appropriate effort to discover because the human condition obscures it 

  • OMOH: 13, 42-43, 103, 127, 129, 131
  • *OMOH: 11, 30, 32, 108, 158, 161, 163
  • IG: 62, 70-71
  • AW: 56 

Our basic core of goodness is our True Self. Its center of gravity is God. The acceptance of our basic goodness is a quantum leap in the spiritual journey.

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The experience of being loved by God enables us to accept and let go of our false self, and journey to our True Self. God and our True Self are not separate. Though we are not God, God and our True Self are the same. The inward journey to our True Self is the way to divine love.

The growing awareness of our True Self, along with a deep sense of spiritual peace and joy, balances the psychic pain of the disintegrating and dying of the false self. As the motivating power of the false self diminishes, our True Self builds the new self through the energy of divine love.

Christian life and growth are founded on faith in our basic goodness and its transcendent potential. When you truly love your self, you become aware that your True Self is Christ expressing Himself in you, and that a power greater than you is doing everything.

To liberate our True Self is an enormous undertaking and a program that takes time because the false self, with its habitual ways of thinking and acting, prevents us from getting in touch with our True Self.

We cannot be individuals without being totally united with everybody else, and we cannot be united with everybody else without being an individual member of the Mystical Body of Christ.


 Reflection: Listening

God and our True Self are the same. It takes time to liberate the True Self.

Reflection: Reflecting

How might you learn to let go of the false self? How might you realize your True Self?

Reflection: Responding

Accept your self as it is. Experience your inmost center, in which God dwells.