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  • is spurred on by faith 
  • leads to self-surrender
  • may be thwarted by our demands for certitude 

  • OMOH: 1, 94
  • DT& A: 28, 62, 64, 75, 84, 98, 122
  • IL: 3, 37, 45, 85, 99, 105, 111
  • BP: 21, 43, 63, 105, 114
  • STL: 19
  • CP: 93, 105, 129
  • FCP: 79, 88, 203, 210
  • MG: 43, 51, 
  • FG: 48, 78
  • CF: 29
  • DR: 114, 277, 320

The right relationship with God is to trust Him. To entrust ourselves completely to God’s mercy is the most enlightened of all the responses to the human condition. Whenever we feel discouraged, especially when we feel despair over some misdeed in our life, we should immediately remember Hope: that God is always waiting to forgive us with unconditional love. The moment that we turn to Him with trust in the divine mercy, the past is completely forgotten.

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New opportunities to trust may represent breakthroughs in the Spiritual Journey. “How happy you would be”, Jesus says, “if you were poor in spirit”, that is, if you put all your trust in God rather than in possessions or other symbols of security. You can only face up to who you really are in the presence of someone you truly trust. If you trust God, you know that no matter what you have done or not done, He is going to go on loving you.

Letting God be whoever God is and accepting whatever He is doing is a sign of great trust.


 Reflection: Listening

/”I place all my trust in you, my God./”

Reflection: Reflecting

Are you able to trust God in all the circumstances of your life? What is holding you back? What do you need to surrender? What is your next step of growth?

Reflection: Responding

Pray repeatedly: “God, I place all my trust in You. Show me the way.”